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Our Preserved Trees are just that, Preserved. Although we have been called Embalm a Palm, Freeze dried Palms and even Pickled Palms, we do not pickle or dry any of the product in order to create a tree.

Fresh cut palm leaves are collected from our growing grounds here in California and brought to our manufacturing facility. The leaves are placed into a trough containing the preservation solution. The leaves then draw the solution up into the plant, replacing the water in their cells with the preservative. Although the ingredients in the preservation solution are proprietary, they include humectants to keep the leaves soft and pliable so they are not “crispy” like a dried product, a fire retardant for safety and dyes to keep the leaves green. This process retains the natural characteristics of the foliage including the natural dried tip of the leaves. Preserved foliage retains the appearance and feel of live foliage.

Since the fire retardant is an integral part of the preservation solution, it is contained completely inside the leaves. No external fire retardant coatings are placed on the leaves. This fire retardant system is pH controlled, very stable, and will not hydrolyze over time.

We use no harmful chemicals when preserving our products, you could eat the preserved product and it would not hurt you. It would not taste good, but it would be harmless.

Bark is also harvested from live trees and brought to the factory for treatment. We then reassemble these parts on to the proper substructure to achieve the desired shape, size and curvature that Mother Nature may otherwise not be able to provide. They can be mounted directly to the floor with a base plate and covered with tile or carpeting or set directly into a decorative container using sand bags for ballast.

Our Preserved products can contribute towards Leeds points; they have been “Green” for over 20 years. All of our Preserved products are not only made with recycled materials but are also 100% recyclable.

Our Preserved products require no water, no lighting and no chemicals or weekly visits, virtually eliminating our carbon footprint.

For the last 3 years, our Preserved Collection has been named “One of the most Environmentally Friendly Products for Interior Spaces” by Paul Shahriari, CEO GreenMind, Inc.

No living tree is harmed in creating a Preserved Palm tree. Preserved products will appear life-like for many years after preservation. We can also use the hollow centers of these same trees as the conduit for wiring, security cameras, lighting, speakers….

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