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the world’s leading manufacturer of Inherently Fire Retardant Preserved and Replica tree and plant material. Expanding our global reach by acquiring the assets of Preserved Treescapes International, an industry leader for over 20 years whose accolades included over 15,000 successful and award winning installations. Our client base includes some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world. Our realistic, quality crafted products and outstanding service were designed and developed to meet the rigorous demands of these world-class organizations.

Our PRESERVED products are the real thing, just no longer living. The most realistic plant material available that requires no water, light, soil, fertilizers or carbon footprint to maintain.

REPLICA, often referred to as “silk plants”, (they are made from fabric but very few actually have any silk in them). REPLICA trees have natural wooden trunks with commercial grade fabric leaves.

The FABRICATED line of Steel core trees and bamboo can be made any height or diameter, your imagination is our only limitation with this product line.

TROPEX is our line created especially for outdoor use, no more faded or blue “silk plants” made from fabric.

Concealed Cell sites International Treescapes offers the Telecommunications Industry a complete line of Mono-Pines, Palms, Elms, Italian Cypress and Oaks incorporating site specific requirements.



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Our entire line of commercial grade Preserved, Replica, Fabricated and Tropex Exterior Trees, plants and foliage are adept at serving the dual purpose of beauty and cost-effectiveness.  From Palms to Pines, we have the capability to manufacture any type of tree or plant material. We have no minimum and International Treescapes has the flexibility to modify our standard menu of plants and trees to fit your specific needs. So, as you can see, International Treescapes has no limitations when it comes to fulfilling a design concept or helping to create one. If you can dream it… we can create it for you.

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